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Saw Palmetto Oil / Saw Palmetto Extract Oil

Saw palmetto Oil extracted from the fruit of the Saw Palmetto, which is rich in Essential fatty acids and phytosterols. Saw palmetto Oil Now a days widely used in Herbal Medicine as well as use to treat many Hair Problems.

Hair Loss is common in Men and Women. There are many factors responsible for the Hair Loss Such as Physical Stress, Lack of Protein, Heredity, Female Hormones, Male Baldness, Anemia, Hypothyroidism, Vitamin B Deficiency, Chemotherapy, Aging, Depression and many more. Most common cause of hair loss is the formation of a steroid and hormone called Dihydro testosterone, resulting in hair fall. Regular use of Saw Palmetto Oils helps to cure hair Problems. Saw Palmetto keep your follicles healthy and minimizes hair fall. People preferring saw palmetto Oil for the Hair Loss to avoid the side effects and Expensive Hair Transplant Treatment.

Saw Palmetto Oil Uses

Saw palmetto has a range of uses. Most of them relate to the effect it is believed to have on testosterone.
  • Saw Palmetto oil naturally treat the hair fall and most effective for hair loss.
  • If you are suffering by premature aging, you may use it!!
  • Helpful in Headaches and Migraine Problems.
  • It cures Cough and Cold
  • Support Urological system and helps to treat the difficulties of urinating
  • Reduces Risk of Prostate Cancer
  • Used for the Treatment of  Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy
You may get in touch with “Kamakhya Bottlers” Essential Oils Manufacturing Company to know more information about Saw Palmetto Oil.

Kamakhya Bottlers: is India's Leading Pure & Natural Essential Oils Processor, Manufacturing and Exporting Company. We have in depth knowledge of Essential Oils, Carrier Oils and Spice Oils. Today, we would like to share some important Benefits of Saw Palmetto Oil.


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